Mamu is a peculiar milestone in my work, because I went off-track in many ways. It first started as a manga project: the story was planning to follow the journey of Mamu, a shaman girl travelling to find the origin (and maybe the cure) to the recent weird behavior of her Island Deity. As her quest proceeds, she encounters other tribes and becomes aware of various conflicts.

After a while, I came to realize that the world of Mamu relied on cultures which I was unfamiliar with (African and South American). I also understood that probbing more into these would not have necessarily make the project more relevant. In my opinion, it required the point of view of someone who grew up immersed into them. So I've stopped it and questionned the themes in my art, to refocus on them in a more relevant manner.

I also felt that my work was more fit for animation and video game rather than comics strips. In the end, Mamu helped me to narrow down the themes and mediums that I've been working on since then.